What we do

Many of our customers are keen to maintain a global presence. Our ability to deliver at the right place at the right price has led to a unique network of partners throughout the world. More than half of our deliveries are made outside Scandinavia. We have the necessary experience.

Exhibition stands

For those of you who use exhibitions as a marketing tool, we have developed products and services intended to provide you with a secure and reliable delivery.


An event aims to give your customers an extra experience. You meet at a specific time and place to build relationships. The part played by Sense in this context is to be there in the background and to assist with the design. We have experience of truly major events such as the Volvo Ocean Race and the Stockholm Open.


Meet your customer on your home ground. A representative and selling environment is a must. Let us make a suggestion.


As a fruitful collaboration with one of Northern Europe's leading operators in the field of rolling exhibitions, Expo Mobil has given a number of our customers unimagined business opportunities. You simply drive into your customers' car park and present them with a showroom on the spot. Our input is to design and build the interior fittings.


An extensive and wide range for small exhibitions and seminars. Sense is a contractor to all major suppliers of light-weight systems.

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